10 Best WWE Theme Songs From CFO$

Put on your headphones and kick back for a while.


WWE fans have always had a soft spot for Jim Johnston. After all, he composed pretty much any theme song that you've loved in the past 30 years, including The Miz's, The Rock's, The Undertaker's, and John Cena's. These are the kinds of tunes that are instantly recognizable, that you hear for just a fraction of a second and immediately know who's about to come out from gorilla position. 

When these themes played over the loudspeaker, it was like Pavlov's dog. The crowd would instantly be on their feet screaming their heads off.

That kind of raw power was something that Johnston has enjoyed since the 1980s when wrestling entrance themes became the norm. However, he couldn't write songs forever, at least not exclusively. While Johnston still works with WWE, he has passed the figurative torch over to a team of composers called CFO$. 

The two men, Mike Lauri and John Alicastro, have created a lot of the modern tunes that your favorite Superstars and Divas use today.

That's not to say that a handful of them weren't duds. Brie Bella's theme is pretty baffling, and no one can deny that CFO$ has a penchant for alarms and other loud, whirring noises (think Dean Ambrose's and Cesaro's themes among others). However, the surprising majority of themes today weren't written by Johnston. Lauri and Alicastro are responsible.

If you've ever bobbed your head or sang along to these tunes, then you know what we mean.

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