10 Greatest Powerbomb Variations In WWE History

None of them look particularly fun to take!

Back in the 1950s, countless pieces of pro wrestling history were written at Madison Square Garden€”though not all of them were done so intentionally. One such instance came in a showdown involving Lou Thesz and Antonino Rocca. During a routine piledriver spot, Thesz seemingly gave it too much welly as he hoisted his opponent from the ground. Rocca was elevated much higher than usual, before being dropped to the mat on his back. Today this would go down as a botch€”but in the smark-free days of the 1950s, the move was deemed an innovation. Thesz€™s over-zealous piledriver attempt would soon become known as the powerbomb. Decades later, and the list of stars who€™ve adopted this move is bigger than Chris Jericho€™s arsenal of holds. Seems that even when he wasn€™t trying, Thesz was revolutionising the profession. But of all the powerbombs we€™ve seen go down, whose has been the greatest of all? This article takes a look back at some of the very best variants utilised in the WWE, taking into account the impact, technique and versatility of the move, as well as how often it was employed and how synonymous it became with its employer.

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