10 Greatest WWE Stables Of The Past 10 Years

Vigilantes, cultists, and everything in between.


WWE don't do stables like they used to.

Gone are the days of old, when the likes of D-Generation X and The Hart Foundation ruled the roster, playing lead roles in their eras' biggest angles, and transforming their most prominent members into megastars. The past two decades have seen their importance decline exponentially, and while WWE still throw new factions together every now and then, they're more likely to flop like the League of Nations than soar like Evolution.

The past decade has seen fewer memorable stables emerge than ever before. The concept will never die out entirely, but the fact that wrestling's most notable faction (Bullet Club) exists outwith the sport's biggest company speaks volumes. Sadly, it seems that Vince McMahon just isn't interested anymore.

Their importance might be at an all-time low, but WWE still throw memorable groups together on occasion. Their number has shrunk, and many can't compare to stables of yesteryear, but each left an indelible mark on the company throughout their lifespan (and in some cases, beyond).

It's a top-heavy group, but here are WWE's greatest modern factions, ranked by impact, entertainment value, chemistry, and in-ring success.

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