10 HUGE WWE Money In The Bank 2018 Predictions You Need To Know

Financial Crisis


There were rumours earlier this year that WWE would finally pull the trigger on Money In The Bank becoming the fifth 'A-Show' of the bloated pay-per-view calendar once and for all. Buffered by an NXT TakeOver one night earlier and a sure-to-be-rambunctious Chicago crowd, the supercard was destined offer at least two memorable matches thanks to the eponymous stipulation.

But in practice, the re-establishment of the show as a major event hasn't come to pass. The build hasn't created anything like a WrestleMania-like buzz due to the decidedly ordinary state of the roster in general, with a post-'Show Of Shows' slump the worst in recent memory and the abysmal taste of Backlash still left lingering several weeks after the fact.

Only in bloat alone has it matched the scale of the 'Grandest Stage'. To the joy of virtually nobody other than a collection of 1980s-villain-style Titan suit-wearers, the show will almost certainly crack the five-hour mark with a 10-match card that is at least three too long.

The real money is already in WWE's bank, though. Unthinkably huge television rights fees have reimagined WWE's business model forever. Not even the mysterious contents of Pulp Fiction's magic briefcase could shed some light on how the company managed to scoop so much for seemingly so little - will the motivation of winning WWE's own golden ticket at least give two superstars and fans alike a faint glimmer of hope in this current fog?


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