10 Important NJPW Booking Steps Following Dominion

What does New Japan do to build to Wrestle Kingdom 13?


Wow! What a show.

After much hype and speculation surrounding it, New Japan Pro Wrestling's Dominion card lived up to expectations and more. Not only did it deliver in ring (including a main event that may break Dave Meltzer's rating system in ways we can't imagine), but the angles and title changes coming out of this show make it feel like New Japan has changed forever. Almost all the major champions are non-Japanese, with the top two title-holders coming from Winnipeg (you idiot). Plus, the legendary 720-day championship reign of Kazuchika Okada has come to an end at the hands of longtime rival Kenny Omega.

Needless to say, Dominion was a watershed moment that has severely altered the status quo of the company, and it leaves all of us wondering: what's next? After all, this is pro wrestling, you don't just close the book and reflect on all that's happened, you keep moving forward. Now that New Japan has a swell of new fans, they're all wondering how the company builds to their marquee Wrestle Kingdom event.

Speaking only as a wrestling fan with way too much time on his hands, here's a handy list of suggestions for Gedo and company in terms of major booking decisions:


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