10 Incredible Wrestling Stats You Won't Believe

5. Steve Williams Went Unpinned In The US For Ten Years


'Dr Death' Steve Williams is one of the most legit badasses to ever grace a professional wrestling ring. A pro football and amateur wrestling standout from the University of Oklahoma, 'Doc' had some serious credentials behind him by the time he made it to the ranks of pro wrestling.

While he is often best remembered Stateside for his time tagging with Terry Gordy as the Miracle Violence Connection, Williams was also a world champion in both the UWF and All Japan. An even more neglected fact is that he incredibly went unpinned in the US for almost ten years, lasting from 26 March 1987 to 1 February 1997.

Due to the sketchy nature of untelevised events, wrestling win/loss stats of yesteryear are always a little hard to monitor. Nevertheless, all accounts show that Steve Williams did indeed survive a monumental decade unpinned.

While he had lost several times via other means - e.g. count out and DQ - his first pinfall loss in that time period is commonly attributed to Raven in ECW. Williams came up short in his pursuit of Raven's ECW Championship at Crossing The Line Again, bringing his unpinned streak to a memorable end at the ECW Arena.


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