10 Insane WWE Moments That Frightened The Fans

Don't try this at home.


Professional wrestlers really don't get enough appreciation. These men and women are putting their lives on the line just about 365 days a year, or at least as many days a year that's legally allowed. Wrestlers walk into every single match knowing well that it could be their last, but sometimes, that level of danger just isn't enough for the WWE.

Sometimes, whether it be due to the booking, a botch, or an awful mix of the two, WWE gives us a moment that legitimately strikes fear into your heart. Every wrestling fan has been there at least once, carefully watching on in hopes that your family friendly entertainment didn't just turn itself into a snuff film. Who as a kid didn't watch Brian Pillman pull a gun on 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and think "there's no way Austin just got murdered, right?... Right?!"

While professional wrestling may be a form of entertainment dangerous and deadly enough to warrant the "Do Not Try This At Home" preface, some moments exceed those expectations and cut a little bit too close for comfort.


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