10 Legendary Wrestlers Who Grappled Bears

It's WWE vs. WWF all over again.

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A gigantic Alaskan brown bear standing on his hind legs while guzzling down a pint of Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey is an odd sight in virtually any context. However, it is particularly unsettling when one realizes that in a few short moments they will be in a wrestling ring, grappling with the potentially inebriated animal.

Imagine looking into the bloodshot eyes of a 600-pound bear with foul breath and an even worse disposition, right before the creature comes charging in your direction.

Furthermore, let’s say the bear’s handler decided to rub a bit of honey on your tights, just to make things a bit more interesting.

One legendary wrestler encountered this very scenario.

In fact, there were several wrestlers who risked potentially career shortening or life-altering injuries by deciding to step inside the squared circle to take on these often unpredictable creatures.

Several wrestlers enshrined in the WWE Hall of Fame shared the ring with grappling bears like Terrible Ted and Victor the Wrestling Bear. Their stories offer a fascinating (and at times terrifying) look into the bizarre world of professional bear wrestling.


From 1999-2003 Jacques performed on the Florida independent pro wrestling circuit. He also has an amateur wrestling background and currently holds a certification in Krav Maga. Jacques graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2003, with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Follow him on twitter @goodeals79.