10 Lessons WWE Can Learn From The First Brand Extension

8. Give Each Brand Its Own Identity

Throughout the duration of the brand extension, there was a general theme between the two shows. Raw always was considered the show with the "sizzle" and was focused more on entertainment, and Smackdown was more of the "steak" and was considered the wrestling show.

From the very beginning, with the Smackdown Six, Smackdown had always been the show with the better wrestling matches. It offered fans an alternative. If fans wanted to see more wrestling, they would be fans of Smackdown. If they wanted to see more of the entertainment part of sports entertainment, they would be fans of Raw.

WWE would be wise to give the two shows their own identity this second time around as well. Smackdown doesn't necessarily have to be the wrestling show again, especially since it's an hour shorter than Raw, but the identification of Smackdown as the wrestling show has been retained even as the two brands were combined over the past five years.

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