10 LGBTQ Wrestlers You Must Follow On Instagram

From mainstream to the indys, they're all out and proud...


Ever since Darren Young came out as gay in August of 2013, becoming the first active wrestler in WWE to do so, the doors have swung wide open for more LGBT representation in the world of professional wrestling. Before then, there was only a small number of characters on wrestling programming that could have been categorized as queer, without formally addressing it as such. These characters included the likes of Goldust, Rico, and the duo of Billy & Chuck.

Nowadays, it's safe to say that professional wrestling has embraced not only its huge LGBT following but also the proud wrestlers who identify as members of the community. While there are a few big names who have come out, there are also lesser-known faces who would like to cement their legacy in the positive direction of equal representation in wrestling. They use their social platforms to raise awareness and bring positivity to the community that still faces a number of obstacles in society.

Even if you are simply an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, here are some of those faces you should keep an eye on.


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