10 Major Challenges Facing WWE In 2019

Wrestling is changing, and so must WWE.


Modern WWE is a paradox of stunning business highs and terrible creative lows, with their longstanding monopoly over the wrestling industry protecting the balance sheet from any and all shortcomings on Raw or SmackDown.

They're in an interesting place in 2019. Competition has returned to the business, though whether or not All Elite Wrestling mount a serious long-term challenge remains to be seen. WWE's roster has never been so huge, nor so talented, yet they're only capable of presenting a handful in their best form at any given time. Their financial success is spectacular, but how long can they sustain a business model focused more on squeezing existing fans for every last cent rather than attracting new consumers? SmackDown is routinely great; Raw is often terrible. All these things and more make WWE a promotion of apparent contradictions.

2019 brings many challenges to the world's biggest promotion. Some are brand new, while others are decades old. Successfully navigating them is critical for a company that isn't going to go out of business anytime soon (barring a catastrophe), but may find their iron grip slipping if the rest of the year is as chaotic as its first few weeks...


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