10 Major Flaws With WWE's Current Booking Methods

WWE have all the puzzle's pieces, but no idea how to put them together.


WWE are in an odd place at the moment.

The company is generating more revenue than ever before and their position atop the market is unassailable - but profit margins, TV ratings, and interest levels are down. They're healthy, and not in any immediate danger, but still vastly underperforming.

The bulk of these problems arise from the product itself. WWE might have one of the most talented rosters they've ever assembled, but this certainly isn't reflected in their recorded output, and the promotions's TV shows and pay-per-views continually fail to live up to the standards fans rightly expect from such a phenomenal group of performers.

This isn't the wrestlers' fault, but the company's. WWE's booking mechanisms are utterly broken. Their autocratic control over every minute detail has created a sterilised environment with little suspense or drama, in which storylines are rarely resolved satisfactorily, almost everything feels like a retread, and the creation of major new stars is borderline impossible.

It's a massive shame, because while there's still plenty of enjoyment to be had from the current product, the company could be doing so much better in this department...

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