10 Major WWE World Title Changes That Took Place On Free TV

When it comes to the WWE, sometimes, the best things in life are free.


Well, strike me with a guitar and call me 'Slapnuts,' we have a new WWE Champion! After months of an interminable Jinder Mahal reign, said era is now, at least for the time being, over. Fans all over are celebrating the best wrestler in the company once again becoming champion, but moreover, they're still recovering from the shock of when and where such a change occurred. For the first time since August of last year, a world title has changed hands in WWE on one of their free TV programs.

Historically, WWE would save their major title changes for big events, be it major house shows, or by the '80s, one of their PPVs. However, with the increased importance of weekly TV during the Monday Night Wars, the company began giving away important title changes on RAW, SmackDown, and in one instance, during halftime of the Super Bowl.

With the end of the Wars, and in recent years, the increase of PPVs on the WWE Network, the frequency of title changes on free TV has diminished, making ones that have occurred nowadays all the more special. AJ's recent win puts himself in a category with these other fine gentlemen:

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