10 Memorable WWE Moments From Sunday Night Heat

Time to turn down the lights, turn back the clock and turn up the Heat!

The Rock Mankind Halftime heat

During the programme’s ten year run from 1998 to 2008, Sunday Night Heat was a firm staple of WWE television. In fact, upon its inception in August of ‘98, WWF Sunday Night Heat was viewed as the second biggest weekly show produced by the World Wrestling Federation.

However, with the advent of Smackdown in ‘99, the WWF soon relegated Heat to third tier programming - much like Jakked and Metal that would follow - and the once prominent Sunday staple would gradually decline from there. Despite the public demotion, Heat still provided fans with some fantastic matches and memorable moments along the way.

In an era long before Video on Demand and even longer before the WWE Network, Heat gave wrestling fans much needed additional content to add to their weekly wrestling diaries of Raw and Smackdown. Particularly in the early days, Heat was necessary viewing for die-hard grapple fanatics and the site of some great TV, as well as a veritable goldmine of forgotten match-ups.

With WWE confirming that classic episodes of Sunday Night Heat will be coming to the WWE Network, we decided to take a look at the ten best moments from the show’s illustrious history.


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