10 Mind-Blowing Real-Life Wrestling Reinventions

From the gutter to the stars.

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Professional wrestling is tough, exhausting industry that has aged performers decades beyond their years and in extreme cases, taken lives.

The endless travel schedule alongside a physically damaging competitive quest for supremacy in a predetermined sport has lead many to rely on artificial highs that dropped them to unthinkable personal lows.

In the decade that has passed since the Chris Benoit double murder/suicide, WWE as an organisation has made public the attempts to aid performers past and present with any addiction issues they encounter in part thanks to the rigours of Sports Entertainment.

In truth, the outreach was long overdue. Vince McMahon was callously pragmatic during late 2007 questioning from the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

When asked why now he'd chosen to extend the offer of paid rehabilitation, he responded 'Two words: public relations. That’s it. I do not feel any sense of responsibility for anyone of whatever their age is who has passed along and has bad habits and overdoses for drugs...It is a magnanimous gesture.'

Despite the cynical motives, the WWE-sponsored treatment has aided the recovery of several major stars over the years. There have also been those who have rebounded without the McMahon munificence. Through religion, discipline or the tireless work of a certain former colleague, these men have completely reinvented themselves and remain on this mortal coil against the odds.

Hammering out their hedonism for good, here are 10 mind-blowing real-life reinventions.


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