10 Misconceptions About Hulk Hogan You Probably Believe

Whoever you are, chances are you've got something wrong about Hulk.


You don’t get to be the world’s most famous wrestler without leaving an impression on people. It seems that everyone has an opinion on Hulk Hogan: The internet thinks he sucked, Terry Bollea thinks he was the greatest hero in the universe, and WWE wavers back and forth between those two points of view, depending on who’s currently signing Hulk’s checks or videotaping him in bed using racial slurs.

Or if they're going to Saudi Arabia, or a legendary announcer has passed away, and they see it as a good opportunity to reintroduce The Hulkster to the fold.

While some myths are easy to identify and fact-check (Did Hulk really bodyslam a 600-pound Andre through the ring to his death in front of 93,000 fans, or something? No. Did Hulk really call himself a “gay guy” during a promo? Yes), other myths are so pervasive that they’re simply taken for granted. It turns out that much of the narrative that fans both casual and hardcore alike have accepted is, in fact, mis-remembered or oversimplified.

Here are ten misconceptions that today’s fans have about Hulk Hogan. Whatcha gonna do, brother, when thirty-five years of myth-making and forgetfulness run wild on you!?

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