10 Mistakes WWE Better Not Make Before WrestleMania 34

10. Giving Up On Bobby Roode's US Title Reign

Bobby Roode Rusev

Next week's SmackDown may be the best 'Rusev Day' yet.

The Bulgarian is in line for a crack at Bobby Roode's United States Title, and his ever-growing popularity as an unlikely babyface may just catch WWE's eye. Changing the title so early into Roode's reign wouldn't make sense, but don't fully bet against it happening.

Roode only won the thing in a tournament final against Jinder Mahal a few weeks ago. Given how over he's been since debuting on NXT with a 'Glorious' new gimmick, it'd be a bit crap to see Roode pushed from the title scene just because someone else happens to be getting over.

Don't do it, writers. Don't dare give up on Roode just because a shiny new toy who gets crowd reactions has come along. The ex-TNA man has worked too long and too hard not to get his WrestleMania moment in New Orleans.


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