10 Modern WWE PPV Matches Allocated Far Too Much Time

'Stop! Stop! It's already dead!'


In the main, wrestling matches are fairly easy to time. A squash match should take no less than five minutes, if that. An undercard match should take no longer than twelve, generally. Depending on how stacked the top of the card is, a midcard bout should be between ten and a maximum of twenty. A main event can go up to an hour, but no less than fifteen. Nobody contesting a match for a title, even if it's their first challenge, should be vanquished in less than that time.

You get the idea.

But, apparently, WWE doesn't. There have been countless occasions in recent years which have seen the company completely misjudge the length of a given match. This isn't just infuriating in itself - it can have grave repercussions on the rest of the card, as you'll see in a few clicks.

A match can outstay its welcome for several reasons. The talent involved may be massively overexposed, or may not have the repertoire to justify it. It might feature non-wrestlers who aren't up to the task. In the most infuriating cases, the match have just one objective or point of interest - and take forever to get there...


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