10 MORE Attempted WWE Repackages That Failed Miserably

Career revivals gone wrong.


As professional wrestling's equivalent of a hard character reset, few things have a more transformational impact on a wrestler's fortunes than a full-on repackaging.

The Hardy Boyz may not be back in WWE if it wasn't for the buzz generated by their outlandish Broken Universe in 2016. Bray Wyatt wouldn't be anywhere near the company's upper echelons if he was still wrestling as Husky Harris. Going from 'Ringmaster' to 'Stone Cold' helped Steve Austin become an era-defining icon, and the list goes on.

Ripping a character up and starting again is a drastic measure, but it's a tried and tested technique that WWE will always turn to when trying to revive a flagging career, despite the inherent risk. Get it right, and the company might send a wrestler stratospheric, but get it wrong, and there's a strong chance they'll torpedo the subject's career entirely.

Unfortunately, WWE history is littered with more flops than success stories. Each of these poor, unfortunate souls saw their fortunes dwindle as a direct result of their repackaging, and while some eventually recovered, others were doomed - such is the inconsistent nature of WWE's creative department.

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