10 More Early-'90s WWE Superstars You Totally Don't Remember

4. Battle Kat

With the exception of The Hurricane, superhero wrestlers have always struggled to make a splash in the world of WWE - and Battle Kat, aka Dean Peters, was no exception.

After working a few dates for Vince McMahon during the late-'80s, Peters - who had previously worked under the name "Brady Boone" - redebuted wearing a cat mask and an orange-purple singlet, earning a win over, yep, The Brooklyn Brawler.

Despite a short push (if a handful of house show victories can really constitute a push), Kat was deemed surplus to requirements later in the year, working a few dates on the independent scene before a brief run in WCW.

While they had no use for Peters himself, WWE were apparently still keen on the idea of a cat-inspired superhero dancing around their ring, and gave the same role to the aforementioned Bob Bradley after he left. That had to sting.

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