10 MORE Shocking WWE Plans You Won’t Believe

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AJ Styles' Manchester WWE Championship victory brought to an end one of the most perplexing top title reigns of the modern era. In Jinder Mahal, the company elevated a performer not just from a midcard spot to a prominent role, but from the gutter to the stars.

Mahal was literally losing every week on television ahead of the out-of-the-blue ascension, showing little suggestion from his work that his trajectory was due to change quite so substantially. The circumstances behind his push have been pored over perhaps more than any other story in 2017, but they won't change the fact that even if he never headlines a show again in his life, a 170 day stint with the industry's top prize will ensure his place in wrestling history.

Lucky enough to have received the opportunity, 'The Modern Day Maharaja' was equally fortunate that somebody high up gave his radical promotion the green light. Sure, dafter ideas than 'Jinder Mahal - WWE Champion' have advanced beyond the planning stages, but just as many wild suggestions thankfully never made it out of the writers room.

Professional wrestling doesn't have the most tasteful history with what has been considered safe to promote over the years, but its a relief for both the performers and fans to consider some of the more outlandish stuff that never made the grade.

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