10 MORE Wrestlers Who Hated Working Together

1. Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart

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That Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan weren't able to forge a harmonious working relationship shouldn't come as a huge surprise to anyone. He left WWE a victim, but the former has been one of wrestling's most outspoken personalities for decades, and his unwavering seriousness often rubbed his peers the wrong way. Hogan, meanwhile, is a man whose reputation as a backstage politician shouldn't need an explanation.

Their heat goes back years. It started in the early '90s, when 'The Hulkster' reportedly refused to drop his WWF title to the rising Hart, who was ready to take his spot at the top table. Bret was naturally upset by this, but it almost didn't matter: Hulk was on his way out of the company regardless.

Hart and Hogan's paths would cross again when 'The Hitman' headed to WCW in the wake of his own WWE departure four years later. Bret was miserable there, and while his failings in Ted Turner's company can be attributed to a number of different things, he blamed Hogan and his considerable political pull for his weak WCW booking.

A long, protracted media feud followed, with both men taking countless shots at each other over the years, and it continues today.

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