10 Most Boring WWE Wrestlers Of 2018

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Finn Balor Baron Corbin

WARNING: the internet is about to have an aneurysm.

Finn Bálor, the man who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at 2019's Royal Rumble, was almost on this list. It's true, and the only thing saving poor Finn from being here is the fact he's damn good when the bell rings. Matches against Drew McIntyre, his performance in last year's Rumble and that Ladder war at 'Mania 34 saved his bacon.

Still, Bálor's lack of character depth and feuds with Baron Corbin, Jinder Mahal and Bobby Lashley were terribly dull in 2018. He, arguably more so than any other, is the archetypal example of a truly excellent wrestler who's constantly undermined by WWE's writing staff. That's probably why he gets a pardon when most of his opponents don't.

This article looks at in-ring skill as well as the creative surrounding those matches though. That criteria is important to remember, because whilst some aren't fully to blame for how lifeless their work was last year, they could've (like Finn) done a better job with the crap they were given.

Now, time for aneurysm 2.0...

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