10 Most Important Wrestling Power Couples Right Now

'The Man' and her man.

Cody Rhodes Brandi Rhodes

Relationships are important.

No, really, stick with it. This isn't some mushy article that'll make spouses appreciate their other half more or cause singletons to throw up a little bit in their mouths. It's a list that perfectly illustrates how coupling up with the right person can be powerful stuff and help your professional career along.

Anyone who has followed pro wrestling for a few years or longer will have heard veterans warn against dating or marrying someone in the industry. It's a bad idea, they claim, conveniently forgetting the number of healthy, happy relationships the biz has created. Maybe times have changed, but being a power couple who post ab selfies or theme park pics on social media is trendy these days.

Who's the most important though? That's the question posed here. Further, what exactly makes these pairings powerful? That's easier to answer; in order to be eligible for inclusion, a couple has to have two successful parts to it. Every single one here, whether they're still actively wrestling or not, can boast that.

Time to analyse wrestling's biggest love-ins...

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