Placing the language #UnderSiege.


Vince McMahon is nothing if not an enigma.

He is the most successful wrestling promotor of all time, despite appearing to loathe, or at least resent, the industry he has dominated. Perhaps embarrassment is a more suitable word which, again, is strange: McMahon does not embarrass easily. If you hear him taking a gigantic sh*t, and complain about it, he will hire you as a backstage interviewer. Notoriously, McMahon, who in 36 years of running WWE has never once deviated from using belts to decorate his champions, loathes the word "belt". He cannot abide by it. It is not a belt. It is a Championship. It is also, quite clearly, a belt. Maybe he did go blind, as was rumoured in 2015. Or maybe he is just batsh*t crazy.

Of course, "belt" is far from the only language quirk McMahon is intent on controlling in his own image.

A guilty pleasure of being a WWE fan is listening out for occasions in which a commentator fails to adhere to his warped policies. You just know the ensuing four seconds of dead air is filled in the headset with an apoplectic lecture. Sometimes, you need to make your own fun.

There are only so many times you can stand to hear the words "Big Dog!" over the course of 15 minutes...

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