10 Most Insane Spots From WWE Money In The Bank 2017

Watch Sami's Powerbomb off the ladder and Randy Orton's RKO on a table!


The 2017 edition of WWE Money In The Bank is officially in the books and overall, it was a mixed bag of a night. It's a show that will be marred with a couple of sketchy finishes, especially in the first ever women's MITB Ladder Match. Yet if the Ellsworth ending and a couple of others can be temporarily forgotten, then we'll see that this was an event that had several awesome thrills.

The main event MITB Ladder Match saw the most action. There were many dangerous moments, such as Kevin Owen's top rope crash through an open ladder, AJ Style's free fall back to the middle of the ring, and a very wild Sunset Flip Powerbomb. It's amazing that all of the participants walked away unscathed.

The action wasn't merely limited to the final match of the night. Randy Orton upped his 'smashing a Singh brother on an announce table' game, Charlotte hit a few ladies with a top rope corkscrew, and Kofi Kingston showed how gorgeous a no-look dive could be.

These were among many of the 10 most insane spots from the card, so continue on to relive the wildest moments.


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