10 Most Insane Wrestling Spots Of The Week (May 8)

Reigns destroys Styles while Jericho obliterates a ficus!


With the recent firing of Damien Sandow, WWE has dropped a wet blanket on any excitement that there might be in professional wrestling right now. Others were let go as well, but Sandow hurt the most. In a humble attempt to lift spirits once again, here is the weekly offering of the best spots in the business.

Gifs of drop kicks off of ladders, Powerbombs through announce tables, and swantons onto steel steps are among the highlights this week. This list also marks the first appearance of a well-named potted plant, which is something. 

Regardless of why Mitch the Plant garnered so much internet sympathy, he's gone now and his final act is memorialized.

10. Dropkick Off A Ladder


In the final moments in Bram's title defense of his King of the Mountain Championship in the eponymous stipulation match, Eli Drake almost secured the belt for the win.

To stop the title from changing, Bram launched himself off the top turnbuckle to kick Drake off of the ladder. Bram went on to retain his title.


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