10 Most Unique Ways Wrestlers Took WWE Finishers

The art of selling...

Steve Austin Stunner Scott Hall WrestleMania X-8

At first, we were seriously tempted to put Scott Hall's weird oversell of Steve Austin's Stunner on this list. That was a total p*sstake and a thing of beauty, but somebody else took the move with even more gusto during his career, so consider Hall an honourable mention.

Don't worry, there's more overselling to come.

There's also bags of ingenuity. Every single finisher here has a uniqueness to it that plain rules; the way the wrestlers examined took each move reeks of creativity, and that originality helped them all become more memorable for it. You'll see guys pretending they've been poisoned, knockout sells so wonderful they're works of art and some insanely inventive ladder work.

Stars on tap include Chris Jericho, Edge, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles The Rock and...JTG. Yes, even the ex-Cryme Tyme man got in on the act by hamming it up on a 2013 episode of Superstars. In fact, as you'll see, his sell is one of the highlights, and it helped get someone's comedic finish over in a big way.

Who says the art of selling is dead?


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