10 Nastiest Backstage Incidents In Wrestling History

The boys don't always get along so well.

Cm Punk Bruises As a rule, pro wrestlers have traditionally been ornery, calloused b**tards. It comes with the territory: more specifically, in older times it came with the territories. These large, fearsome men had to carve out a name and a reputation for themselves by travelling all over America and far beyond, working as independent contractors for local promoters (men who were, by and large, less reliable than chocolate teapots), working hurt, spending most of the year away from home and family fighting to create their own niche and make as much money as possible, while putting on the best show possible. To a certain extent, it€™s still like that. The WWE touring schedule is tough, even in the supposedly more enlightened 21st century. It takes dedication, commitment and sheer testicular fortitude to put yourself through punishment like that. You have to love what you do: not with just the genial contentment that comes from having a job you enjoy, but with the deep-down, ferocious love that lives in the blood and the bones, that won€™t admit the possibility of making a living any other way. Your co-workers become your family€ but you don€™t always get along with your family. We€™ve all heard tales of some of the backstage fights that have occurred between pro wrestlers €“ and for convenience€™ sake, when we say €˜backstage€™ we mean €˜not in front of a crowd€™, so that covers hotels, airports, bars and on the street. When tempers flare between stressed-out professional wrestlers, used to laying their hands on one another, it can get ugly really fast. Here are ten of the most notorious stories of backstage scraps between wrestlers: a few genuinely funny, some others€ not so much.
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