10 New Year's Resolutions For Wrestling Fans In 2018

1. Make A Pact With Yourself To Enjoy Wrestling For You

WWE Fans

Everything boils down to one single point: enjoy professional wrestling.

This year is exciting. WrestleMania season is upon us, companies like Ring of Honor have found their mojo again, New Japan are 'borrowing' WWE legends and independent promotions have been putting on world class shows all over the place. There's little to be bitter about, and you'll be much happier for focusing on the things that feed your own enjoyment.

Think about the impact your negativity is having on that little kid sitting next to you at shows wearing the Roman Reigns t-shirt. They genuinely like that character, and they don't need some 30-something spoiling their fun just because he's bitter about Daniel Bryan.

If WWE isn't doing it for you, that's OK. You don't need to like it, but don't pretend there aren't alternatives that can and will remind you why you fell in love with wrestling to begin with.

What are your wrestling resolutions for 2018? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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