10 Perfect Candidates For WWE's Bullet Club

A takeover over of WWE needs numbers.


It was indeed "shots fired" when Doc/Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson assaulted Jimmy and Jey Uso on the April 11 episode of Monday Night Raw. With AJ Styles and Finn Balor both signed to WWE, visions of resolute rebels throwing up the finger-gun taunt have danced through the heads of the IWC. Between the tease of the chrome-domed duo meeting up with Styles in London, and Balor's cryptic tweets, it appears that some form of Bullet Club derivative is in the works.

The question remains, who would be associated with such a group? Excluding the obvious candidates of Gallows, Anderson, Styles, and Balor, who would or could be added to a WWE variation of Bullet Club?

There are plenty of aimless talents with loads of potential that would enhance a group with more freshness than the beyond-moldy embers of The Authority. While Gallows, Anderson, and whichever potential leader would make up the upper echelon of the group, there's plenty of room for underneath aid.

If you're going the route of a hostile takeover of WWE from an invading army of relentless brawlers, you can certainly go the nWo route with internal defectors. There are plenty of talents within the vast WWE pool of stars that would be revitalized with a new career lease.


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