10 Reasons The WWE Title Is Meaningless In 2017

'That stupid piece of tin you've got on your shoulder'


Shawn Michaels was prone to sacrilegious remarks like the one above during his most reckless moments under a fog of drug and alcohol dependency in the mid-1990s.

His outburst came at the expense of Bret Hart, who proudly held the WWE Title as the symbol of excellence in an industry he still truly believed he was at the top of during a tumultuous final reign as champion.

Hart was frequently accused of taking the wrestling business too seriously, and the barb was a shot across the bow by Michaels designed to diminish the prestige 'The Hitman' felt he held by the virtue of his position as champion.

Of course, deep down 'HBK' felt the exact same way. His paradoxical reduction of Hart was the latest strike in a war of words between the two, but the quest for supremacy within the company was a real competition, and in 1997, holding the gold placed you at the very top.

20 years on from that fractious period, and just about everything has changed about the company and the business in general. The 'piece of tin' Bret and Shawn viciously fought over has suffered more than most over those two decades, but has now landed at a previously unthinkable nadir.

As the wrestling world awaits a potential pay-per-view WWE Title meeting of Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal, here are 10 reasons the once beloved championship has become virtually meaningless in 2017.


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