10 Recent Tag Team Splits That Ruined Each Member’s Career

Breaking Sad.


Times are hard for tag teams. Despite a middling effort in recent years to breathe life back into a struggling doubles division, it seems as though Vince McMahon's old attitude towards the tandems has re-emerged, with more modern units ending in listless dissolution than heroic triumph.

No partnership is immune. As has often been the case with every aspect of WWE's output in recent years, NXT has been a healthy breeding ground for several untapped talents to find their feet in a mutually beneficial pairing, only for the main roster to squander or sacrifice the overall presentation in favour of two grossly inferior singles careers.

Attitudes may always fluctuate on the matter. As Bruce Prichard revealed on his 'Something To Wrestle' podcast, the biggest motivator is unsurprisingly cold hard cash. It really is 'all about the money', as Vince would biliously bang on about during his mid-2000s insecure spell. Paying two guys for a match instead of four is an economically sound decision, even if it downgrades fan interest in the short term and hamstrings talent development in the long.

It's becoming increasingly common too for performers to fall hard and fast upon splitting from their partner. Gone are the days of a famed duo breaking off into bigger and better things, or even a Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels taking a solo trip to the very top. Far from offering new potential, only scorched earth remained once the bomb dropped on these duos.


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