10 Secret WWE Pasts Of AEW Wrestlers

All Elite World Wrestling Entertainment.


Everybody's got to start somewhere.

That very notion is one of the best things All Elite Wrestling has going for it, offering talents different starts that should finish in making everybody a small fortune and the wrestling business a little bit better than it was before. Whether it's a fresh start (Shawn Spears), a new start (Jon Moxley) or just a start altogether (Teal Piper), AEW's diverse and dynamic hiring policy has already brought together a varied crop of talents that should ensure the company getting off to the best possible start when it launches its fascinating weekly TV show in October.

That most of the performers are brand spanking new to the mainstream wrestling audience need only be a blessing rather than a curse - the less old-career stink to wipe off the better, not least with the company looking to remain a babyface organisation as long as possible. A place of making stars rather than stifling them and destroying them will be the narrative, with only a select few there to share memories of the alternative options working for the market leader...

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