10 Shocking Wrestling Plans You Won't Believe ACTUALLY Happened

What The World Is (somehow, still) Watching


World Wrestling Entertainment is right now what it was always destined to be. A juggernaut (and steamroller) with Vince McMahon at the wheel in the 1980s, the industry's early 1990s decline was arrested by phenomenal success at the turn of the century. Relatively careful investment secured a future that no longer required further boom periods to ensure the organisation remained monolithic.

Not that fans need reminding of all that. Told ad nauseam WWE was 'the recognised symbol of excellence', 'the revolutionary force' and 'the worldwide leader', generations were indoctrinated at early ages and hooked for life. The 'Then, Now, Forever' ident that currently adorns the product represents a company fully in touch with its past whilst trying to navigate a tricky present to remain relevant in the future.

The WWE Network offers thousands of hours for fans young and old to watch and re-watch events that helped shape the fabric of the organisation. But when the company opened that door, it came at a price much higher than $9.99. With the Network and other online services, there's never been a time where the industry's excruciating exploits, dire decisions and catastrophic creations have been so exposed. You could write a book on the worst of them.

Ultimately, McMahon's vision of Sports Entertainment became the blueprint for most angles emanating from WWE, WCW and even TNA when they desperately tried to compete. His overarching success loosely justified the philosophy, if not the horrific execution.


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