10 Specific Ways WWE Could Debut NXT Stars On The Main Roster

How to make it Purple Rain.


The current model is not working out.

At all.

WWE debuts a raft of NXT graduates on the flagship brands immediately following WrestleMania. The casual audience is left to interpret that these men and women and tag teams are stars because the hardcore set invariably receives them as such. The strategy is profoundly careless, given that we are rarely given any further reason to invest - and it's also profoundly counterproductive. The arrival of a new star should be a massive deal. It used to be. But because we are asked to process so much new information, we cannot register it all, hence why an act like Ember Moon was so quickly absorbed into the RAW fabric, hardly helped by the 50/50 booking that plagues virtually every main roster performer from Vince McMahon pet projects all the way down to those he deems living sneezes.

Why was Ember Moon even called up, if only to wander aimlessly around the midcard, defeating Liv Morgan (RAW, July 9) only to lose to Sarah Logan (July 16) only to defeat Liv Morgan (July 23) again? It was just her time, and the deathly connotations of those five words mirror the diminished mystique of her character.

A new moon must rise, and for WWE to alter the star-free skyline, the actual characters of the NXT roster must be considered.


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