10 Superstars Who Could Be WWE's Next Top Heels

They're bad guys, it's what they do.


Looking at WWE in 2017, it would appear that we have something of a heel vacuum on our hands. The nastiest, most underhanded performers will often get cheered or egged on, while their more benevolent counterparts are met with either indifference or derision. AJ Styles gets cheered despite his position as one of Smackdown’s top heels, Braun Strowman gets thanked by fans for emerging from the back to floor an unsuspecting Roman Reigns, and until recently, the perpetually unkind Kevin Owens was one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster.

Reactions towards a heel have changed to coincide with fans’ increased understanding of the business – often people will cheer a bad guy not because they approve of their actions or support them, but because they appreciate good character work when they see it. And there are some great character actors waiting in the wings of WWE and NXT.

Once WrestleMania shuts up shop, WWE will be looking to inject new characters into new feuds, and to do that, they’ll need to match the perfect babyfaces with the most despicable heels.

In this instance 'top' is a relative term that denotes success or significance within a particular facet of WWE programming, and doesn't necessarily mean 'main event'.

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