10 Surprising Things We Learned From 'WWE 365: Kevin Owens'

It's A Knockout

WWE Network

The recent shift towards reality-laden WWE Network original programming has afforded subscribers a feast of stolen moments between Superstars and Officials far more engaging than the micromanaged monologues they deliver with increasingly dull familiarity week on week.

It's reached a point where viewers know the inside decor of the Gorilla Position almost as well as the talent that march through it on the way to the ring. Triple H's meme-worthy photos with new Champions are as popular as they are with his followers as much because it's gotten easier to visualise their close quarters. Such insight into a backstage prep area pre-2014ish was virtually impossible.

Ironically, its these moments that are always the highlights of the productions. Vince McMahon forcibly removing cameras from his office as he embraced Kurt Angle for the first time in a decade was the most honest the Chairman had looked on camera in years, only topped by his brutal appearance mid-way through this feature.

The profiled superstars themselves reveal so much more in their talking heads and corridor gabfests than they ever do trying to play characters that are supposedly just 'themselves turned up to 11'. It would be genuinely problematic if WWE weren't so secure in their position regardless of the talent on show.

'365' will hopefully feature performers just as engaging as Kevin Owens in future editions, but it's hard to fathom an other episode being so revelatory in such unexpected ways.


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