10 Terrible Wrestling Storylines With Great Matches

1. Team WWF Vs. The Alliance


On paper, the idea of pitting the biggest stars of the WWF against the biggest stars of WCW was a great one. In execution, however, it was poor - largely thanks to the fact that virtually all of the biggest stars of WCW weren't actually involved.

Having failed to agree terms with the likes of Hogan, Sting, Goldberg, Hall and Nash, Vince McMahon instead generously loaned some of his own wrestlers to The Alliance, who cobbled together a five-man team of Shane O'Mac, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Booker T and Rob Van Dam (at least two of whom had worked for the competition in the last five years).

All of that is to say that this storyline simply didn't live up to the billing. It came off too predictable and one-sided, much of the intrigue centred around which WWF employees would double-cross their side, rather than how they measured up to their WCW and ECW counterparts.

And yet, despite all of that, the climactic match at Survivor Series 2001 was undeniably brilliant. It probably takes the mantle of best ever five-on-five traditional elimination match, in fact, and at the very least ties with the Austin vs. Bischoff affair two years later.

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