10 Things AEW MUST Do To Compete With WWE

Broaden The Universe.


10 Things AEW MUST Do To Compete With WWE*

*On a national level.

Every time you allow yourself to get excited over the idea that we may see a new, awesome wrestling promotion, the existence of which might just make the premier wrestling promotion that bit less awful, we read that WWE has just renewed its multi-million TV deal in Bahrain, or some sh*t. The notion of AEW competing with WWE on a global scale is absurd.

But domestically?

Prior to its current, modern Golden Age, New Japan Pro Wrestling was not as popular as WWE in its native country. By modifying and improving its product through intricate long-term booking, and promoting sublime, star performers with agency and conviction, this is no longer the case. WWE can be overtaken in certain markets. Abysmal Sky Sports ratings in the UK, and the strangled BritWres uprising, illustrate that WWE knows this all too well.

Not the closest of analogies, granted, but with WWE's viewership receding by the week, those fans aren't falling out of love with pro wrestling altogether. They want a better product. 'Product' is the word, because WWE has stars. Those we know for certain are capable of moving the needle - Ronda Rousey - aren't moving it. The stigma is too glaring; fans know it, want-away talent knows it, and by acknowledging it on TV, WWE knows it.

Of course, AEW will need stars too...


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