10 Things That Would Happen If WWE Seriously Started Listening To The Fans

10. We'd Have A Full Time Universal Champ

Brock Lesnar Universal Champion Crown Jewel

First and foremost, let's tackle the issue of one Brock Lesnar and his reign as Universal Champ.

WWE's logic regarding Lesnar (he's a big star and thus doesn't need to appear on TV every week) is solid, that's inarguable. At the same time though, it does feel like the company thrust Brock above everyone else, and storyline whinging from Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and others based on that have become part of his A-list character on Raw.

It'd be nice to have a full-timer as champ again on Monday nights. Admittedly, that was Roman Reigns' role before he bravely announced his battle with cancer and stepped away from the ring, but WWE's decision to revert back to Brock was both lazy and uninspiring. It felt like a step backwards, not forwards.

If the McMahon family are indeed going to listen to what fans want, then someone who fills the Universal Champion berth weekly is a must. It's time to push the title as part of Raw's product on the regular, not as a part-time attraction.


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