10 Things We Learned From AEW's Double Or Nothing Announcement Party

BIG signings, a Double Or Nothing card, and so much more.


One month removed their first rally in Jacksonville, Florida, All Elite Wrestling laid its second foundation stone with last night's Double Or Nothing ticket announcement party, generating further hype for a project that has already brought major changes to how the wrestling business works in 2019.

This was an important night for several reasons. Jacksonville was a shoddy production that yielded big stories, but did little to dissuade those who'd already written AEW off as second-rate. It couldn't decide if it was real or kayfabe, scripted or organic, and while the likes of Chris Jericho showing up at the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view's announcement hit the spot, it wasn't the home run many had expected.

We're pleased to report that last night was a marked improvement, offering a clearer vision of where the promotion will be in a few months' time, big signings, and the first Double Or Nothing matches. It was a knockdown success, though only time will tell if Cody, The Young Bucks, and the Khans can build on it.

The night's biggest talking points have dominated wrestling media all day, and will continue to do so over the weekend. Let's dive into them...


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