10 Things We Learned From Chris Jericho's Podcast On Chris Benoit's Death

Y2J and Dave Meltzer navigate Benoit's career with tact and insight.


It has now been over 10 years since the last few days of Chris Benoit's life, and the horrific series of events that rocked the wrestling business. The reverberations of the double murder suicide are still felt in 2017, and it brought two of wrestling media's most prominent voices together for an in-depth breakdown earlier today.

The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer was Chris Jericho's guest on Talk Is Jericho this morning, with 'Benoit: 10 Years Later' the topic of discussion. Rather than focusing on the tragedy itself (which Y2J has done in great detail in the past), they discuss Benoit as a performer, from his early days in Calgary, all the way through to his run on WWE's ECW brand.

Benoit's monstrous acts have obviously eclipsed his wrestling legacy. Meltzer and Jericho acknowledge this several times, and at no point does it feel like they're tastelessly throwing praise at a murderer. Instead, they cover such heavy and potentially problematic subject matter tactfully, with Jericho, one of Benoit's closest friends, bringing a number of previously unheard backstage stories to the table.

A lengthy listen at just under two hours, it provided fresh perspective on an overdone subject, and brought a host of new details to light...


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