10 Things We Learned From Raven On Stone Cold's Podcast

That trademark corner pose is a personal tribute to one of WWE's finest...

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"Quote The Raven, Nevermore" has to be one of wrestling's best ever catchphrases. Used to great effect in ECW, WCW and WWE, the line turned Scott Levy from journeyman wrestler into one of the most cherished characters in the industry. It can't be considered coincidence then that the more successful Raven gimmick was a complete departure from others Levy had played.

As Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo, he favoured garish colour schemes and over-the-top promos. When Levy morphed into Raven in the mid-90's, a much more stoic personality, one which proved perfect for Paul Heyman's grunge-like rebellion in ECW, came to the fore. To Levy's friends like Steve Austin, it was startling to watch the transformation.

Raven appeared on Austin's Unleashed podcast this week to discuss everything from his friendship with Steve to his own career. The no-holds-barred nature of the show enabled both to explore Levy's struggles with addiction and unearth some hidden gems from his personal story.

The result was fascinating...

10. Raven & Brian Pillman Wanted To Be A Tag-Team

Hollywood Blonds Steve Austin Brian Pillman WCW

Back when all 3 of them were under contract to WCW, Levy (still working as Scotty Flamingo), Brian Pillman and Steve Austin travelled together on the road. Right before he left the promotion because of issues with then-booker Bill Watts, Flamingo planned to pitch a new tag-team with Pillman.

The pair discussed their plans as Austin drove them up and down the roads, and also listened to Steve's stories about a promise from Dusty Rhodes to give him a run as United States Champion. It came as quite the shock to all concerned then when WCW made Austin and Pillman The Hollywood Blonds.

Austin needed reminded of this on the podcast, because he had completely forgotten that Pillman and Levy wanted to be a tag-team. In a cruel twist, Levy found himself out of the promotion and Austin (who hadn't even wanted to be a tag performer) was shoved with Pillman.


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