10 Things We Learned From WWE 24: Finn Bálor

WWE Network goes behind the scenes with 'The Demon King'


The WWE Network has completely changed the way fans experience professional wrestling, and allowed the company to serve their audience in ways that weren't possible before. Aside from providing live pay-per-view delivery and the biggest tape library ever assembled, WWE have used the Network to diversify their product with swathes of additional content.

WWE 24 has been particularly popular.

The acclaimed documentary series pulls back the curtain to take an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes, with Daniel Bryan's retirement, WrestleMania, and the Women's Evolution featuring in the past. It was Finn Bálor's turn to take the 24 spotlight earlier this week, as the series returned with a 60-minute look at the former Universal Champion's long, gruelling recovery from injury.

Injured in August 2016, 24 covers the full breadth of his rehabilitation from the moment he got hurt, all the way through to his return on April 3rd.

As usual, the documentary strips away the pomp and pageantry to reveal the humanity behind 'The Demon King,' opening a new window into Finn Bálor's world, and showing him at his most vulnerable, but also his most resolute...

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