10 Things We Learned From WWE 365: Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss: Bringing out the human side in Vince McMahon since 2018...

Alexa Bliss WWE 365

The period between 8 April 2018 and 7 April 2019 was a struggle for Alexa Bliss. Battling through career-threatening injuries, crippling self-doubt and the daily worry that her pig Larry-Steve might eat her as she slept (that last one is a lie, obviously) took its toll. WWE followed Alexa on that year-long journey.

Bliss was the subject of the Network's latest 365 special, and she proved to be one of the best yet. The humanity within Alexa is there for all to see, and she even managed to bring some out in that old devil Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It's clear from watching this doc's 49-minute run that everyone is better for knowing Bliss.

Why is it that wrestling's best heels are often super nice people behind the scenes?

Alexa is another example of that, and her story is one worth watching. Think of this as a companion piece if you have watched the film, or an exhaustive run down of all the tales worth hearing if you don't have the time to see it or are sitting on the fence.

It's a personal journey, one blinged up by Bliss' banging personality and emotive real-life trials...

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