10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About NXT

Is promotion to the main roster really a move in the right direction?

As badly as things have been lately, WWE deserves a bit of credit. Despite frequently (and rightfully) accused of being out of touch with what fans want, the company's decision-makers have managed to create a separate brand with an independent, cutting-edge feel - and the results have been amazing. Since debuting (and especially since getting airtime on the WWE Network), developmental brand NXT has become a phenomenon among wrestling fans, selling out arenas and introducing its own standard for in-ring action. Later this month, the brand will be embarking on its first-ever UK tour, complete with a live TakeOver special from London. Add that to the imminent television debuts of former independent talents Rich Swann and Biff Busick, and the future looks bright for NXT. Still, things aren't perfect - over the course of its short history, NXT has faced some serious issues. Some have been all but swept under the rug, while others are persisting headaches which WWE simply hopes fans won't notice. Yes, NXT's product is simpler, smarter, and better than WWE's, but it's still got problems - some of which are even caused by being simpler, smarter, and better. Here are 10 things WWE would rather you forget about while watching NXT...


Scott Fried is a Slammy Award-winning* writer living and working in New York City. He has been following/writing about professional wrestling for many years and is a graduate of Lance Storm's Storm Wrestling Academy. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/scottfried. *Best Crowd of the Year, 2013