10 Things You Didn't Know About Stone Cold & Brian Pillman Gun Angle

Some little known facts about Austin 3:16 vs. Pillman 9MM.


Just over 20 years ago, WWE presented an angle so controversial, so shocking, and so adult-oriented that it almost got them kicked off the air.

On 4th November, 1996, Brian Pillman pulled out a 9mm gun on Monday Night RAW and implied its use in defense of his family and home against Stone Cold Steve Austin.

For some, it was far too intense, far too dramatic, and way too real to be considered acceptable viewing for the young audience to which the WWF was supposedly catering to at the time. While the signs were there throughout most of 1996, the promotion and company was changing, and they were heading in a direction that would see them push the envelope as far as possible.

This angle could very well have been the launching point for the shock TV period so fondly remembered as the Attitude Era. It featured two of the company's most intense performers, who had a unique bond and incredible chemistry that lasted throughout their entire careers: Brian Pillman and Steve Austin.

Though much has been discussed about the angle over the years, there's also several little-known facts about the segment. Ranging from the pre-segment opinion of the USA Network to the original role of Brian's wife Melanie, many topics are covered in this article, featuring 10 things you didn't know about the infamous Austin/Pillman angle from Monday Night RAW.


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