Every wrestling fan at some point wants to learn how to wrestle. I would say though, that most get so far as messing about with their fellow ‘rasslin friends, not really thinking much about it and anything they would participate in was just for fun, throwing some Stunners or Sweet Chin Music’s. I threw myself at wrestling as soon as I got a sniff of what it was like.

Naturally this stemmed from ‘rassling with friends, throwing Rock Bottoms and Chokeslams in living rooms on some assorted cushions. As you do! Soon enough I had discovered, through the wonders of the internet machine, that other teenagers were doing the same thing, only much better and on the cold ground of Britain. In my infinite wisdom I decided to drag my chums into the garden and too the local fields and see how we went from there.

I was soon using the UK’s fine rail network to tour the land, attending and participating in events set up by likeminded guys and trying to rise through the ranks of the UK Backyard Wrestling Elite. Along the way i learned some things, hurt quite a bit and had some of the best times of my life. So i thought, why not go that extra step and see where that leads.

For over two years i trained to be a Pro Wrestler over two different academies and learnt even more.

In the following article i hope to highlight some hints / tips and some things the average fan might not know about first stepping into the ring whilst indulging in some hopefully interesting stories along the way. I hope you enjoy and hopefully my brief exposure to this most fascinating world may help those thinking about partaking. Firstly, let me be brutally honest…….

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This article was first posted on October 22, 2012