10 Things You’ll Never See In WWE Again

Blood isn't thicker than creative.

The Undertaker Muhammad Hassan 2005

They say everything changes eventually, and WWE is no different. The promotion isn't perfect in 2019, but it has moved with the times as a corporate entity. The old 'Wild West' days of the Attitude era are long gone, and with it most of the tropes that made that period such a dizzying mix of sex, violence and testosterone-filled drama.

Today's product is a safer, homogenised version of what came before, and that means several elements that were once offered up weekly have no place in WWE. Some fans won't see this as a positive change, but there's always the Network archives for those looking for something a bit more barbaric, outrageous and stimulating.

Those same archives are now the only place to see one of this era's most exciting stables. Jon Moxley's move to AEW and work in New Japan have shown a different side to the man; free of WWE's obsessive need to control everything about its performers, Moxley is an animal uncaged who can't wait to roar and rule the jungle.

He, much like those fixtures of the past, has been consigned to the background of WWE life. Will we ever see him or those once-proud tropes again? Probably not...

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